First Priority Music- Top Billin' by Audio Two- NIKE Air Max One- Most Sampled Hip Hop Record/Sneaker

Fall of 1987, Hip-Hop music would change (FOREVER) when a song that starts with an infectious drum beat followed by one of the most unique voices (EVER) in Hip-Hop music was released by First Priority Music. The song from the Audio Two is titled Top Billin'. Top Billin' is the most sampled song in the history of Hip-Hop Music. 
Months prior, sneaker company NIKE would release a sneaker that would change the game in it's own right called the Air Max 1. The Air Max 1 ushered in a new level of footwear design along with showcasing the technology that sneakers possess. 
Much like the song Top Billin' the Air Max 1s has design cues that are among the most copied (sampled) in the sneaker industry.
Content Curated by Sean Williams @Osd_PaperChasr aka "The Sneaker Guru"
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